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Fleur Kotten, born in 2000, Hoorn The Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Since childhood I have used art as a way of processing. When great events in my life unraveled, I escaped into a drawing, a pencil line or an idea. I have therefore always seen art as a way to explain the inexplicable, to process and place stimuli.


When my environment, my thoughts, feelings and the world around me become a starting point, possibilities become endless. The world is constantly changing and with it my art continues to develop.


I am always looking for an image that radiates harmony in a certain way, in form, color or rhythm. I am also fascinated by the tension between objective and non-objective images. These images come together in painting, illustration, lasercuts, installations and sculptures. I describe making art as "puzzling", I puzzle intuitively with separate images until I arrive at a composition that reflects my fascination!


Vrijpaleis Open Exhibition

Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2023


Museum Jan Boon exhibition with Fleur Kotten & Ingrid Kruyssen
De Rijp, Netherlands, November 2022

Thesis Publication Mister Motley

Online, 2022
Een zoektocht naar het sublieme in de stad
Hoe kunnen we in de gecultiveerde omgeving van het Antropoceen door middel van het sublieme onze nietigheid in relatie tot natuur hervinden?



Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2022
I created an interactive live installation and exhibited Fragments of: The Cocoon, as a process of creation for the artist.

Vrijpaleis Art Market Februari editie

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2022
I exhibited a collection of different works, prints and pins.


Writers Unlimited: Winternachten.
Den Haag, Netherlands, 2021
I created an illustration for the book Erfstukken, to go with the text Lieve  Zwamvlok written by Eva Meijer.

Young Art Festival

Beverwijk, Netherlands, 2021
Exhibited artwork: Het nieuwe normaal, 2020


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020
Exhibited artwork: Vakantiefoto’s van, 2020


Fringe festival

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019
Exhibited artwork: Bedproces, 2019 - Untitled, 2019

De Meervaart, Kunstbende

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019
Exhibited artwork: Bedproces, 2019 
won 3rd place Noord-Holland


Framer Framed, Kunst Bende
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018
Exhibited artwork: 112, 2018 
won 2nd place Noord-Holland

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